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Certifications / Certificate in HGV Driving Skills

Certificate in HGV Driving Skills

This certificate program is designed for individuals who want to become professional HGV drivers. The program covers a range of topics that are relevant to HGV driving, including safe driving practices, vehicle maintenance, and compliance with regulations.

course outline

  •   Overview of HGV driving
  •   Types of HGV vehicles
  •   Roles and responsibilities of HGV drivers
  •   Driver safety and hazards

  •   Road safety rules and regulations
  •   Defensive driving techniques
  •   Hazard identification and risk assessment
  •   Emergency response procedures

  •   Principles of HGV vehicle maintenance
  •   Routine maintenance checks
  •   Basic troubleshooting techniques
  •   Reporting and documenting vehicle defects and faults

  •   Legal requirements for HGV drivers
  •   Driver hours and rest periods
  •   Tachograph regulations
  •   Loading and unloading regulations

  •   Effective communication in the workplace
  •   Listening and speaking skills
  •   Teamwork and collaboration
  •   Conflict resolution and problem-solving

  •   Occupational health and safety regulations
  •   Driver health and fitness
  •   Mental health and wellbeing
  •   Managing stress and fatigue
Assessment and Certification

The certificate program will be assessed through a combination of theoretical and practical assessments. Participants will be required to pass both assessments to receive a certificate of completion.

Upon successful completion of the program, participants will receive a certificate in HGV Driving Skills, demonstrating their competency and readiness to work as professional HGV drivers.

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